We are very excited to announce that Ang Nawawalang Soundtrack (Vol. 2 to some of you) will be on VINYL! It will be a limited edition, CLEAR LP, scheduled to arrive in November.

The 12 songs on the record will be a combination of original songs written for the film, excerpts from the award-winning musical score, and pre-existing songs in their live versions from the film. All 12 songs will be remastered for vinyl.

Each copy will come with an exclusive 11” x 17” FULL-COLOR POSTER, a brand-new image of the never-sent Bonifacio Christmas card from a decade ago. That poster, as with all artwork on the soundtrack, will be by the amazing CYNTHIA BAUZON-ARRE. Check out her album and record label art above (with Gibson and Jamie sides!).

Each copy will also come with its own exclusive download code so you can get all the songs in high-quality digital form. BUT! We have so many songs that couldn’t fit on the vinyl record, so we put them on the digital version, which you get. You will get 19 SONGS plus THE ENTIRE AWARD-WINNING SCORE by composers Mikey Amistoso, Diego Mapa, and Jazz Nicolas! All songs + score will be remastered for this soundtrack.

Digital copies of the soundtrack will also be made available on iTunes and!

Further details will be forthcoming once we work out the fine print. 🙂


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