What I have written

I have not posted here in a long while, and for that I must apologize. Perhaps now is a good time to admit that I have lost quite a bit of willingness to write about things. Part of the reason is, of course, disillusionment.

Perhaps my friend (a consultant) was right when he assumed a very cynical posture towards the arts scene in this country. It is a corrosive attitude to have, and I wish I could write and share about more hopeful things. But right now, I cannot.

A lot tends to go on outside the public spheres where it seems all is well, and a bit of uncertainty is inevitable. But what I am certain about is that in a way the suspicions and unease some former friends had about the way things go are well-founded.

Without being specific, then, I think it is time to say that I did write certain things putting certain people in a good light. I think that I will say that now that I’ve learned that it’s not so clear cut, I wish I had the honesty and the courage to be more critical when I had the chance.

More importantly, I think it is about time I went in another direction, writing-wise. Perhaps the hard queries need to be asked. And perhaps this won’t be the space for that. Neither would any of the more mainstream outlets for which I have written.

Thanks to everyone for reading my work in different places. And good luck to us all. The truth may very well set us free.


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