Exactly two years ago, director Marie Jamora’s drunken New Year’s Resolution was to finally finish the film that had been gestating in her mind the last 9 years. That same party, she asked her friend Ramon De Veyra to co-write the script with her.

Exactly one year ago, the skeleton crew of Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There) spent their New Year’s Eve working, filming the fireworks seen on Marie Jamora’s roof. We had no actors yet, we just had the principal crew members. We spent our Christmas days stuck in traffic jams, taking guerilla 2nd unit Christmas footage of night markets and dressed-up houses, our cameras set up on pickup trucks.

Since then, it’s been a crazy 365 days. We made our film and shared it with you — in the Cinemalaya festival, in your schools, even theatrically across the country. We moshed with you during our ANG NAGWAWALA afterparty. We even gave you our official motion picture soundtrack.

We know what 2013 will bring. We’re bringing our labor of love overseas to share it with even more people. Our international premiere will be in Slamdance in January. In Feb, you’ll be able to hold the Ang Nawawalang Soundtrack as a vinyl record in your hands, made in the US of A. You will be seeing more live music videos from your favorite artists who performed in the film. And, most importantly, we will be releasing our DVD.

It would never have been the same without YOU, the viewer. YOU = the folks who have helped us out all the way: from our cast and crew, to our families and friends, and to everyone else who has been wonderful to us.

This has all been a lesson on how keeping your New Year’s Resolutions can change your lives.

So, as the fireworks burst through the sky and the clocks reset, and you *may* hear Ric Manrique’s “Kung Ikaw Ay Pag-Ibig” in the background, we hope you whisper your dreams to yourself and spend all of next year making them come true.


The Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There) Team

P.S. As a HAPPY NEW YEAR message, we the Ang Nawawala Team say (once again) “HIGH FIVE!” (translation: “APIR!”). Keep safe with those darn fireworks, guys. The government has even made an acronym for it (check photo above).


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