UPDATED: Three things (2013/1) – It’s Cold Outside

(Updated to reflect one additional event in item number 2)

Yes, it’s cold outside, especially at night. This is a great time for spicy food, and I hope I could have something of that ilk this weekend.

We’re back to a periodic (hopefully weekly) series on these pages, and I would like to start with a bit of a mention of what I did last Wednesday night.

1. Gabriel Lynch was here in town for the second time, and I got to see him perform at Saguijo in a gig that also featured Ebe Dancel, Hannah+Gabi, the Purplechickens, and Evee (of Pinoytuner, who sponsored the gig). It was a wonderful night of music, and a very intimate one. He’ll be performing at the place where I met him in March 2012, Conspiracy Garden Cafe, tonight at around 9 PM.

2. Just a calendar note: two visual arts shows are opening at the Collective on Malugay Street (more on that place in a moment), at Kanto and Vinyl on Vinyl. These shows will open around 7 PM. Before that, though, do drop by 98b in Escolta (note: Facebook page) for a talk at 3 PM on performance art practices in the Philippines. After yesterday’s CCP forum on art as criticism, chaired by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez (who will also lead tomorrow’s session), I expect this to be as memorable an affair.

3. Finally, the Collective’s courtyard (which is directly across from Kanto) has seen a lot of musical affairs, but none as memorable as a musical affair staged for a film. What Isn’t There (known to us here as Ang Nawawala) opens tomorrow in the US at the Slamdance Film Festival, Sundance’s lesser-known but no less interesting sibling. I hope it does well, but I won’t mention aloud here exactly how–might jinx it.

For those who wish to learn more about the world of What Isn’t There, check out this handy map made by visual artist Kitkat Pecson. Yep, the courtyard is right there. Metro Manila residents can check out the film on January 24 and 25 at the UP Film Institute. (Here’s more information about this and other screenings this month.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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