Three things (2013/3) – The Candlemas edition

Today is the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, otherwise known as Candlemas. In Spanish, it is known as Candelaria, a name one can hear a lot around these parts.

1. After returning from Isabela early in the morning of Thursday, I went later in the evening to the press preview of the Philippine Educational Theater Association‘s new play D’ Wonder Twins of Boac, adapted by Rody Vera from one of my favorite Shakespeare comedies, Twelfth Night. I enjoyed watching the play, and I recommend it. Apparently, a lot of theater productions are opening in Metro Manila this month, so it is a really interesting time for theater buffs.

2. I understand that the band Extrapolation is launching their EP tonight (here’s more info on the Facebook event page for those on the network) and it’s the big final night of the Red Horse Muziklaban competition, but for the sake of convenience, I am dropping by Alphonse for the first GRRRL Scout gig of the year and Route 196 for Attraction! Reaction! The said gig marks, appropriately enough, the first gig of Boldstar for 2012. I say “appropriate” because their drummer, who did a film last year that made it to this festival at a ski resort in Utah, is back from the States.

3. Oh yes, speaking of that film director, she did this video for a band called Imago some years ago. Why I posted this today will remain, for now, a surprise.

Imago – Sundo from Marie Jamora on Vimeo.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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