Three things (2013/5) – The one on one edition

Here’s my periodic short list of things that might be of interest.

1. Fete de la WSK 2010 was, in hindsight, a memorable event. I got to see a large gramophone made of old records (a work by Kawayan de Guia) and a lot more besides. And this was where I had some of those encounters and moments that, again in hindsight, changed my life. There was, for instance, the time when I told a prominent singer that I liked this particular old hit of their band. But this was when I first met the Sipat Lawin Ensemble and the likes of Tad Ermitano, whose work for Visual Pond’s End Frame Video Art Projects 3 still remains one of my favorite works in that series. (Though the last one in the series, Yason Banal’s elaborate installation at the CCP, is very, very interesting. And pointed too.)

I saw this video about the 2010 festival made by Bigtop for the festival’s organizers, which made me reminisce a bit. See if you can find me trying to duck under Tad’s work so I could go to where Kawayan’s work was.

Tengal Drilon, the festival’s artistic director, has already given November as a tentative date for the 2013 staging, which I hope will improve on what 2011 had. (I have my own fond memories of the 2011 festival, including a first listen to a song which I’m currently looping as I’m writing this.)

2. This afternoon I will be at the Lopez Museum to see their new group show, Grounded. I haven’t been to their space in a while, and this is something I would like to see. The Museum has had some good shows in the past few years, with the very occasional off note. For more information on this show, here is the Facebook event page.

3. Finally, the much-awaited Hall and Oates Night takes place at Saguijo in Makati City starting at nine tonight. For fans of the Eighties singer/songwriter duo, now’s your chance to reminisce and sing along. This has been in the works for some time now, so I am definitely looking forward to it.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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