Three things (2013/6) – Ruminants edition

Sometimes I wonder why I keep on not updating. This time, I do have a reason. A lot has happened, but it takes time for me to make sense of them before my thoughts on the subject can be reduced to writing.

However, a few things can be said from this distillation:

1. I met a friend from the film world more than once over the past ten days. The story of this person and the project is one I have been following since a year ago, when filming of that project began.

In a bit of a full circle that sometimes tends to happen, I met the person who was responsible for evaluating the project for a funding agency.

2. I watched a play that was not a musical for the second time this year–after The King of the Birds, done by a student theater company, I got to see Red by John Logan, which won the 2010 Tony Award for Best Play. The play, which is about the modern artist Mark Rothko, starred Bart Guingona as the visual artist whose work and life-philosophy are brought into question by a young assistant. It was a “what-if” based on an incident late in his life in which a series of commissions for a new restaurant were unexpectedly withdrawn.

I found the play interesting, but more importantly very meaningful, as I have been thinking about the local visual arts scene and the transitions it is undergoing. One curator likened Rothko to the artist Lee Aguinaldo, whose work was the subject of a recent retrospective show; I find the resemblance much closer to someone else I know. But the issues it raises are issues very much of our time; the play was written as the art world saw new record highs on the auction market.

3. Finally, I am awaiting the coming month with some interest. After Easter, there are all the record launches I am expecting. And there are a number of other things too. Perhaps I can think about something to write about in the interim.


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