After that

A lot has happened over the past year. Some have been noted on these pages, and others have appeared elsewhere. Friendships were made and lost, relations frayed and strengthened. A lot has changed both in the world, and to some extent in myself.

After all that has happened, it remains for me to wonder at all those tokens of grace that have kept me going. And then, at least, be grateful.

And of course, pay it forward.


This week – 6 May 2013

I would like to highlight a couple of events that came to my attention:

1. The Dakila collective, who helped sponsor one of the most memorable Geek Fights I ever attended (actually, I did help with that one), is organizing an event at six PM, called “Rock for a Fully Abled Nation.” Persons with disabilities do deserve the same political rights as the rest of us, and this event will, I hope, educate most of us as to how this can be done. 

2. I’m looking forward to this new band called Farewell Fair Weather launch their EP this week. I understand it will be at a new sports bar next to MC Home Depot, at nine PM. (Will post more details when I get them.) 

Of course, I will be noting details on an event that I am actually going to help with, which will be announced tomorrow.