Weekend notes. – The “not-branded” edition

1. Blanc Katipunan is opening three exhibitions on Saturday afternoon. For those with Facebook, details can be obtained from the gallery’s official page. Their actual web site is slightly out of date, though the contact details are updated.

2. Melay Lapena has a piece on the art of Rob Cham. I have a t-shirt with his Ang Nawawala alternate poster on it. As I’ve met both at the Attraction! Reaction! gigs, it never fails to surprise me as to what kinds of encounters happen at such gigs.

3. I have a hard copy of this controversial book lying around the house–and yes, I saw it in one of our book cases–but if you would like it in a convenient digital copy, Flipside Publishing, one of the country’s pioneering e-book publishing firms, has just recently launched a reprint of Carmen Pedrosa’s The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos, available through most e-book retailers.

Here's where you can find the ebook, apart from the Flipreads bookstore.

Here’s where you can find the ebook, apart from the Flipreads bookstore.

Now I should get around to reading that hard copy…

4. Finally, I noticed Heima’s been having a good number of events lately, almost on a monthly basis. This latest one is a musical event and happens tomorrow at four pm. Modulogeek‘s 2012 Pipes and Palindrome EP was one of my favorite records last year (and I can hear his remix of Outerhope’s “The Man With The Pipes” playing in my head sometimes).

Now, a word of note as to why it’s not branded. This itemized series used to have a name, but I’ve dropped it. In any case, enjoy the weekend and hope the weather becomes reasonable!


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