Thoughtful things

Early this morning, before I went off to bed, I saw a post by someone I knew from my graduate school days. She described how, after what seemed to be a very unhappy day, she recalled a few bits of thoughtfulness that happened to her then. It was enough to revive her flagging spirits.

I realized that in a sense, she was having the same kind of recognition that periodically happens to me–the surprise of which parts of my life have been defined. it is with gratitude that I am reopening this place for a while.

I have not been updating often, and perhaps I will emulate the example of someone I know who makes it a point not to update their blog oftener than twice a year. Or perhaps not. There are people who know, wrongly, that I have a lot to say. That is only true in part. On paper or pixel, what I write is a distillation of many encounters, discoveries, even little journeys or diversions. Sometimes this will be the place for it, and other times elsewhere.

Perhaps this will be the space for surprises, for the things I don’t normally say elsewhere. It’s part of a project that aims to prove that, in hindsight, there aren’t any.

For now, though, see you around. Looking forward to hearing your stories for a change.