Track of the Week – “Here Comes The Rain Again” by the Eurhythmics

My choice for track of the week owes itself to a song choice my acquaintance Pearlsha Abubakar (who performs under the name Isha) made at her set at Route 196’s Stripped: Keys Me. This is the classic pop song by Annie Lennox and the Eurhythmics.

I enjoyed Isha’s set, mainly because she included some songs I hadn’t heard in a while, most notably Kim Carnes’ “Bette Davis Eyes.”

However, upon hearing that Eurhythmics tune, I realized it would be familiar for some people in the room, because the band of one of the other performers that night often uses that at the tail-end of their song “Turn It Well.” I last heard them do this at Satchmi’s Vinyl Day in April, and here’s a recording by Stef Calimlim made in February 2013.

Yep, the connections music makes. Have a good weekend, everyone.


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