Then there were some…more field notes

1. I am very happy to note that the two Tarsius videos are finally up. I think this will wait until my next track of the week entry, which will also be one of the few posts here to be linked to Vandals on the Wall. (Yes, talk about back-links.)

2. This weekend I am going to do two totally contrasting trips to the past. One is a screening of excerpts from Gerry de Leon films whose remnants are still around. Another is the Scout Magazine launch, which I understand will have a Nineties theme. I will then attend in a tucked-in shirt and jeans, which is essentially the Ateneo High School dress code before I graduated. (Actually, I am thinking of wearing a button-down, given how cold the CCP theater in question happens to be.)

I am particularly impressed with the line-up, and in fact, I’m listening to one of the bands playing right now. The band has a song called “Balik,” which is most appropriate to the theme of nostalgia. Another band playing that night has a song called “Di Na Babalik,” equally appropriate. Here’s a version of it appropriate to a certain time of year.

3. Well, speaking of “Di Na Babalik,” I am reminded that Cinemalaya is almost upon us. I am not as excited about it as, say, in 2012, and perhaps there will be only one or two films I am very interested in seeing this time unless…well, I will let you dear readers know first once it happens.

For now, though, see you all on Saturday.


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