Track of the Week – “Association Dues” by Tarsius – updated

This week’s track is part two of a two-week homage to the band Tarsius, whose new videos were launched last Friday night at a memorable (though rainy) gig.

The track for today is “Association Dues.” When performed live, it includes one of the most interesting samples in their repertoire. One can hear a very, very small muddling of it on the track, but it’s an Easter egg for those who’ve seen them live. [Correction: Actually, the track in question is “Black Saturday.” Oops]

You can watch all the Tarsius videos so far in this playlist from the band’s YouTube account:

The one for “Cosmic Convergence,” which I talked about last week, is in the list, and I urge you to watch it.

Here is my write-up on Paolo Ruiz’s video from Vandals on the Wall.

And just released: my write-up on “Cosmic Convergence” by Marie Jamora and Jason McLagan.

Incidentally, happy St. Benedict’s day to those who are connected, in some way, to this founder of Western monasticism!


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