Consolation prizes

I’ve never been short-listed for anything before, so getting short-listed for the Purita Kalaw-Ledesma prize was an honor. After not making it, I felt that it was enough just getting to that point, but I also suspected that I was using those same time-honored defense mechanisms that often come with admitted loss.

A friend said that awards were indeed overrated.

I incline to agree with her. But there was exactly one thing that was different about this.

I am not going to tell the full story, yet, but one of Purita Kalaw-Ledesma’s daughters helped me and my mom a long time ago, when I was much younger. I was a patient. All I can say is, what she did halted what could have been a derailment of sorts.

My mom introduced me to her after nearly 30 years tonight.

That was reward enough: to see that a former patient made good long after the story ended.

I’ll worry about the rest of my life after this weekend.


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