Footnote to a Review: Eponymous by Stories Told

I first met Frankie Torres, lead vocalist of the band Stories Told, at the very first TEDxDiliman in 2012. The only other occasion of any sort where I met this somewhat prodigious person was when her CANVAS book Nadia and the Blue Stars was launched. When we learned sometime back that she had a band, I was curious about it.

As I noted in the review, Stories Told has, to my knowledge, not been as “active” in the gig circuit, thus piquing my curiosity. I sense that the last few years may have been a busy time for all concerned, and I learned that their line-up changed last year. In a sense, this meant a kind of reboot. They got on my radar with the release of “Surprise Me,” which won the Fresh Filter poll. And for most of the year their focus was, rightly, on recording.

I’ve already said my piece on Vandals on the Wall on this EP (the needless end chord in “Surprise Me” included). I’ve done so in the sure hope that, even if their music does not grow on me, they would manage to find a way to play in the kind of gigs I often frequent, and if not, continue to cultivate another wider circle that could draw more people into appreciating or making music or poetry or what-not. While I’d push them for a night at Docdef or Tugtog,  or even the Cubism Family (hi Jmi!), I’d probably count on them opting out and doing their own thing, drawing more fans, friends, or even brethren.

After all, I think that my first impression of Frankie was just that. She was definitely raring to do something for herself and her friends, and to do it well. I wish her and all the rest of Stories Told all the best.


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