Strip down: after viewing DopeLoco’s neo-burlesque show 

(This article does not feature pics, though I swear that it happened.)

A friend whom we’ll call Maven told me about the burlesque show that would be held in early February, whose motif was based upon the last completed Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut. I was not initially planning on catching it, but I was a bit curious. What Maven emphasized was that this was very much less about what was at the end than the process of revealing. So it was when she let me catch the very first show that my curiosity was mildly satisfied.

The show was pretty interesting if only because it was exactly how my friend described it. Some numbers were more entertaining than others, including one involving Maven and the only male member of the troupe. What this experience had in common with its source material was its mild air of mystery that it exuded, and I’ll better keep up that air by not showing but telling. 

I understand that this show, in its current form, will run twice in the next two months. Perhaps what could keep this going is word of mouth. Which brings me to a conversation I had about an hour after the show finished, over in a watering hole where a video launch was being held. I met an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since last year, and then told her companions about the burlesque. One of them knew about such things and was surprised that there was a small group starting to do it. I let them know that there would be a show next month.

Details to follow, of course.


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