Prelude to Fete: part one: a soccer analogy

Tomorrow is probably going to be one of the busiest days in the year. It will require visiting a couple of bars, a hostel, a coworking space, and two hotel ballrooms. It will mean hearing music from quite a few performers, some of which I feel that one’s mileage may vary on them.

Yes, I am talking about Fete de la Musique 2016. Here where I am, it often is exciting. This year, I vowed to roam about. I am writing from tomorrow’s first stop, the acoustic stage, which since 2014 has been the place where Manila’s first Fete set happens. A_Space usually gets packed for this, and their lineup this year sounds promising. I understand that this is partly due to having a well-connected musician for a curator. 

One analogy I have thought about just as I was walking from Landmark to Greenbelt is that Fete’s pocket stages (a misnomer if ever there was one) seemed to be organized like European professional football. Some stages are like the top-flight first-division teams, drawing the more prominent or arguably better  acts and large audiences. Others are like smaller Sunday afternoon league clubs, not quite as popular but do draw audiences either devoted or curious. There are those in between, of course.

Later or tomorrow I will continue with my preview, where I will tell you if I’m heading to the Old Traffords of Manila’s Fete.

Edited: A_Space’s founder, a transplanted Brit based here in Manila, compared his stage to the English football team Crystal Palace. English football followers, please make of that what you will.


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