Sliding doors and tribes

There is one film I barely remember for three things. It had a good concept that resonated with me at the time, it had the only Aqua song that was not utterly frivolous, and it had a homage to Monty Python that I first found cute and now find tiresome. I am talking about Sliding Doors. 

Late last night, that film came to mind as I was figuring out something, about what would happen if I chose one thing over the other. In an alternate universe, would I have been willing to give into my worst impulse and not be here typing this? Or would I have walked away, sad, probably learning a certain lesson in a painful way and becoming more bitter? Right now, I am here typing this, and making up my mind about where to go next. Earlier that day I realized that one step I would make, one choice, would literally take me in two different directions.

Just like the film.

I was brought to mind too of another more recent British import, Constellations, which Red Turnip Theater staged earlier this year. I wrote a review of it for a local website, but a few months on, the more interesting parts of it resonate with me. What interested me was not how the play tried to enact the premise that in the multiverse each line had an alternate version, but that in the end a few key points of decision mattered.

On a less weighty note, and because, pace a couple of old friends, I really do not have clones, I am about to make up my mind about a minor scheduling concern. It oddly enough concerns two different spheres, and, well, I do need to think about it again. Perhaps though a play about a deaf kid in a hearing family might shed as much, if not more insight into the nexus between art and friendships than the other option would. This, too, makes it more weighty than it seemed. This is, of course, overthinking.


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