Coda to a long story

A year ago today, three videos were launched at Route 196, and here’s one of them:

Unstable – Autotelic from Alter The Native on Vimeo.

I will have more to say about the experience of making these videos and how it did force me to confront some things, but here’s a coda to this whole story.

Autotelic just released a music video for its single “Gising,” and it was launched nearly a year after the video posted above. It was a happy coincidence that the female lead in “Gising” happened to be a former member of Ballet Philippines and was in the same batch as the female lead in “Unstable,” Denise Parungao. When I told her about our role in the project, she told me that she had seen the video a large number of times. And when Autotelic, which happened to be playing at the time, broke into “Unstable,” we were trying to do our favorite steps from the first part of the video.

I’m actually glad someone watched this for the dancing.


One thing we must put out there was that part of this reason the project came about was to let people know that, at the least, they need to understand the needs and concerns of loved ones confronting mental illness. Not long after we wrapped production, I saw that it hit close to home.

It is hard to talk about it publicly now, but I think it is safe to say that I discovered something about myself, found out how I could be helped, and more importantly, in fits and starts, discovered that there were a whole number of people who are ready to care, and yes, love, and that I can love and care for them too as I am able.

That’s all for now.


From the Archives

Welcome to From the Archives, a bi-weekly feature on things that your correspondent has encountered in the past–or would have.

Today’s post is in the latter category.

Last night, an indie pop band named Maya’s Anklet played at the UP Fair. Unfortunately for longtime fans of the band, they did not play this song.

This performance was recorded sometime in 2009, long before I even knew about the band. And the title of the song back then was “Favorite Song.” It was a working title, apparently, owing to the song’s popularity with Maya’s Anklet fans. Three years later, the band recorded the song for its self-titled debut record and it gained a new name.

The last time I heard them play this was for a gig at Route 196 earlier this month.

Of course, I’m glad that they decided to play this song last night, whose video was directed by AJ Orlina with choreography by Gilliane Gequinto of Ballet Philippines.

I suppose some of my readers may have figured out that it has something in common with the video for Autotelic’s “Unstable.” Well, that’s because both are part of a film project that a number of us worked on last year. Watch out for an announcement on when you can catch it!