Brief Note: Inside Out

Good thing I’ve started becoming more and more willing to come to terms with the fact that I don’t belong anywhere I seem to be.

It should make things easier the day I finally decide to walk away and head for that somewhere I was called to be.

May that day come sooner.


The “nudge wink say no more” edition

One of the most interesting things I thought about last night is how a compelling nudge can reap a surprising result.

For instance, a Taylor Swift night featuring both somewhat well established and upcoming musical performers can be a possible “entry drug” to enjoying more locally produced music.

More compelling is the very successful fundraiser Raccoon Productions organized last night. With the right lineup and a compelling social experience, one could draw a crowd to what was one of the most successful gigs in a record-breaking four months for its venue.

The best thing about that night? I got surprised, again.


Part of the record crowd at last night's Route gig.